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What is ITEN?

ITEN is a professional network of leaders in education in the Americas who are interested in sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices in the teaching profession. Based on a Strategy of horizontal cooperation, ITEN provides a space for interaction for all the teachers of the Americas.

The Inter-American Teacher Education Network is an initiative of Section of Human Development and Education of the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE) of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI) of the Organization of American States (OAS).

With about 60 million teachers in the world, this professional community is the largest of its kind.

Teachers play a key role in preparing young generations that will act in an interconnected and interdependent world. Despite the considerable improvement in the coverage of primary and secondary education in the Americas in recent years, the region still faces challenges to achieving higher quality for everyone. A low-quality education affects millions of students in the region, who leave the educational system without the necessary knowledge or skills for entering the work force or to be active participants in their societies.


ITEN is a social network of all actors involved or interested in the field of education in the Americas. ITEN provides a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, research and good practices in the field of teacher education with the primary purpose of promoting improved quality of education.


Teachers in the Americas are at the center of ITEN. By promoting collaboration and interaction, we hope participants will take leadership and learn from each other. We hope to interweave ideas by adding the creativity of each individual member. We hope ITEN will become a space for generating change toward the professionalization of the whole group and the sub-groups with special interests.

The Program is carried out with the financial support of the OAS Inter-American Committee on Education and the generous contrubution of the U.S. Mission to the OAS