Department of Electoral Cooperation and Observation


    Gerardo de Icaza - Director
    Gerardo de Icaza is a Lawyer with a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Communications.

    He was Deputy Director of Regulations at the Mexicans Voting Abroad Unit at the Federal Electoral Institute of México (IFE). Later, at the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch Mr. De Icaza worked as Secretary of Studies and Accounts, and as Chief of the International Affairs Unit between 2007 and 2011. In 2011 he founded Democracy Building International, a consulting firm focused on electoral matters, where he remained as a partner until 2014. Also, in 2013 he worked as Coordinator of the Technical Committee for the Mexicans Voting Abroad Unit at IFE.

    At the Anáhuac del Sur University, he has taught different courses such as: Public International Law, Electoral Law, Contemporary Legal Systems and Common Law. Mr. De Icaza has also lectured on electoral issues in different countries of the Americas and Europe. He is the author of academic publications on democracy and electoral systems which have been published in multiple languages.

  • Alejandro Urízar
    Chief of the Electoral Observation section
  • María Teresa Mellenkamp
    Chief of Section, Electoral Technical Cooperation
  • Sara Mía Noguera
    Chief of Section, Electoral Studies and Projects

  • Specialists
    Alex Bravo
    Ana María Díaz
    Brenda Santamaría
    Cristóbal Fernández
    David Álvarez
    Juan Sebastián Molano
    Marcela Garzón
    Rosa Serpa
    Tyler Finn
    Ulrike Puccio