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  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Training
    Georgetown, Guyana, Monday February 17, 2020

    OAS/CICTE would be in situ for a technical training focused on cybersecurity incident response to the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team (GNCIRT) from February 17 to 18, 2020.
  • Guyana hosts regional seminar for National Drug Observatories in the Caribbean
    Georgetown, Guyana, Thursday April 5, 2018

    Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, charged technical experts to place more emphasis on the development of evidence-based policies to fight against illicit drug use and trafficking.
    The charge was made at the opening of a two-day Regional Seminar for National Drug Observatories which was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

    The seminar is being facilitated in partnership with CARICOM, the European Union and the Organisation of American States (OAS).
    “If it is one thing that we would like or I would like to see coming out of this seminar is your emphasis on evidence-based data-driven policies and practices. It is what is going to get us places,” Minister Ramjattan said in feature remarks.
    Health and Human Coordinator at the CARICOM (Caribbean Community) Secretariat, Beverley Reynolds, noted that drug observatories help to identify emerging trends and provide decision markers evidence for designing and evaluating appropriate strategies to apply to situations.
    “The regional seminar … has brought together practitioners, policymakers and researchers to probe and to critically evaluate the utility of data information networking in each of your countries,” Reynolds explained.
    Thirteen (13) Caribbean countries are participating in the seminar. The countries will discuss the recently completed household prevalence drug surveys and formulate a research agenda for the next two years, OAS Country Representative, Jean-Ricot Dormeus explained.
    “This seminar will further stimulate the improvement of our toolset. Consequently, national drug observatories will support more effectively out two countries anti-drug policies and programmes.”

    Experts will also discuss the manual standardised indicator for national drug information network in the Caribbean and the accompanying data collection tools, receive updates on the progress of the European Union Cooperation programme with Latin America and the Caribbean on Drug Policies (COPOLAD), early warning systems and problematic drug use scales, among other things.
    In Guyana, the Ministry of Public Security is working to develop a functional crime observatory with capacity for spatial statistical analysis and geo-referenced mapping of crime and violence. This is being done under the Citizens Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP).
    In the meantime, the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA), is leading local law enforcement agencies in drug-fighting operations. NANA was created following the government’s release of the National Drug Strategy Master Plan 2016-2020.
    Guyana, like its Caribbean counterparts, is considered a transhipment point for drugs. Establishing drug observatories in the Caribbean is one way the region hopes to address the scourge of drug trafficking and use.
    Chargé d’ Affaires at the US Embassy in Guyana, Terry Steers-Gonsalez, pointed out drug observatories play a crucial role in stemming the tide of drug use and trafficking in the Caribbean.
    “Your being here shows true political will and commitment by your governments. It is why my government counts yours as real partners in the fight against illicit drugs and trafficking. Only by working together can we combat this scourge this cancer,” Steers-Gonzalez said.

    By: Tiffny Rhodius
  • US$83M to push technical-vocational education
    Georgetown, Guyana, Thursday March 29, 2018
  • US$83M to push technical-vocational education
    Ministry of Education, Georgetown, Guyana, Thursday March 29, 2018

    US$83M to push technical-vocational education
    Mar 29, 2018 Government, Ministry of Education, News
    DPI, GUYANA, Thursday, March 29, 2018
    The Organisation of American States (OAS) has pumped some US$83M into the development of technical and vocational programmes in Guyana.
    An official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Education and the OAS took place earlier today in the ministry’s boardroom.
    Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry said the country’s development hinges on that of the people and it is bilateral partners like the OAS that continue to thrust this mandate further.
    “I know that that this agreement and funding are targeted specifically at technical and vocational skills development, both at the secondary and post-secondary level and so I know that this will be very impactful in terms of the development of our youth population.”
    The minister added that too often the system focuses on mainstream academics, without equal emphasis on technical and vocational skills. It is for that particular reason, the minister noted, that the injection of funds is most welcome.
    OAS Country Representative, Jean Ricot Dormeus spoke of the organisation’s pillar of Sustainable Development, which also includes the development of educational programmes. The funding, he said, comes under the umbrella of equality, inclusive and equitable education promoted by the Development Corporation Fund managed by the OAS.
    “We know that we need it all. People need good jobs and with good technical and vocational education, they will be able to secure those jobs and even set up their own businesses in the future, so that the country can improve and grow its economy.”
    The multimillion agreement was signed by the OAS representative and the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Vibert Welch.

    By: Alexis Rodney
  • The XXIV CITUR Congress for tourism deemed successful
    Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana, Thursday March 22, 2018

    The 24th Inter-American Ministerial Congress on Tourism today, wrapped up its two-day session at the Marriot Hotel with more fruitful discussions by ministers and high-level authorities on achieving sustainable tourism, through multi-destination travel and building resilience in the tourism sector.
    Hon. Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Business.
    Following ten plenary sessions by officials, today’s all-day meeting concluded with the adoption of the ‘Declaration of Georgetown’. This document forms the basis for the development of partnerships for the growth of the tourism industry in the Americas.
    Minister of Business with responsibility for Tourism, Dominic Gaskin, who chaired the conference, noted that the discussions will ensure a transformed tourism sector in Guyana.
    “What was good about it (the Congress) were the discussions…a lot of the topics discussed were very relevant to Guyana. We have a lot to learn. We are fairly young as a tourism destination. To have all these expertise from different countries in the same room is very good exposure for us”, Minister Gaskin said.
    He added, “It was very valuable for us and it gave us a sense of where we are and where we need to go with tourism in Guyana.”

    Kim Osborne, Executive Secretary for Integral Development of the Organisation of American States.
    Executive Secretary for Integral Development of the Organisation of American States, Kim Osborne highlighted some of the high points stemming out of the meeting for most of the representatives.
    “What we had was strong indications of support, collaboration and co-operation between and among countries, to share dialogue and experiences, to share lessons learnt and good practices; to the extent that member states have offered co-operation to each other. We are grateful for the outcome of the meeting”, Osborne said.
    She also commended Guyana for hosting a memorable event. She enthused, “Guyana did an amazing job at hosting and showing the product it has to offer. I think it hosting this ministerial congress really positions it as an emerging destination in the Americas with the flora and fauna, and amazing natural products. It is something people were not really aware of, and it was an opportunity to tell the rest of the Americas what Guyana has to offer.”
    This year’s Inter-American Congress of Ministers and High-Level Authorities of Tourism saw a total of 26 Organisation of American States (OAS) member states representatives, participating. The next Congress is expected to be held in Paraguay in 2021.

    By: Crystal Stoll
  • Americas can catalyse their tourism potential by increasing annual tourist arrivals-President David Granger
    Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana, Wednesday March 21, 2018

    Americas can catalyse their tourism potential by increasing annual tourist arrivals-President David Granger

     Mar 21, 2018  Government, Ministry of the Presidency, News

    DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    The Historic Organisation of American States’ (OAS) Twenty Fourth Inter-American Tourism Congress got underway at the Marriot Hotel today with President David Granger urging the gathering of Ministers and High-level officials to seek solutions to ensure increased annual tourist arrivals to the Americas.

    President David Granger.

    “This Congress can do so by: protecting the Americas’ natural capital by developing a concerted approach to the environment; promoting increased connectivity between tourist destinations by encouraging the development of infrastructure; and providing smaller states, particularly the small-island states of the Caribbean, with easier access to capital for investments to build a more resilient industry,” the President said.

    Noting that small island states often lack the resources to finance their own air and shipping lines that can contribute to new routes being exploited to boost tourist arrivals, the President observed that “Travel needs to be cheaper, easier and faster. Destinations need to be connected efficiently to make tourism more competitive with our parts of the world.”

    “The Americas can straddle the sea and integrate the continents, North and South through information and communications technology,” the Head of State added and urged the Congress to consider charting a roadmap to create a single Information Communication Technology (ICT) Space of the Americas.

    President Granger also encouraged the protection of the region’s tourism assets from the threats of transnational crime such as trafficking in persons, illicit drugs and cybercrime. This he said will ensure safer destinations for visitors and citizens alike.

    “The Americas are endowed with un-spoilt islands, highlands, grasslands, wetlands, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and rainforests, which are the habitat of unmatched flora and wildlife. The Americas must protect and preserve these priceless assets for the benefit of present and future generations,” he said.

    The President noted that the Americas, despite their just wars of independence and a few civil wars, are a hemisphere of relative peace in today’s turbulent world and that the promotion of sustainable tourism initiatives and the marketing of the Americas as a ‘zone of peace,’ in a world with many wars and conflicts should be a subject for consideration at the Congress.

    “The protection of the Americas’ patrimony – its natural assets, its cultural diversity and this blissful state of peace – is the bedrock of sustainable tourism. The tourism industries must be protected from the perils of transnational threats such as cybercrime and trafficking in drugs, guns and people. Security cooperation against transnational threats will make our societies safer for our citizens and our visitors,” the President said.

    Guyana is hosting the high-level congress for the first time. The meeting which is being held at the Guyana Marriott Hotel (March 21-22) under the theme “Connecting the Americas through Sustainable Tourism.” is seeing the attendance by several international and regional tourism officials.
  • Historic OAS tourism congress for next week
    Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana, Wednesday March 21, 2018

    Historic OAS tourism congress for next week
    Mar 16, 2018 Government, Ministry of Business and Tourism, News
    DPI, Guyana, Friday, March 16, 2018
    Guyana is set to achieve another first as it prepares to host the Organisation of American States’ (OAS) Twenty Fourth Inter-American Congress of Ministers and High-Level Authorities of Tourism, on March 21-22.
    The congress which will be hosted at the Guyana Marriott Hotel will see attendance by several international and regional tourism officials.

    Director General of Tourism and National Coordinator of the OAS XXIV Congress, Donald Sinclair (In green shirt).
    Director General of Tourism and National Coordinator of the OAS XXIV Congress, Donald Sinclair Donald Sinclair told media operatives today at a press conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Boardroom that, “The response to this congress has been overwhelming.” “The OAS has 34-member countries. So far, we have 25 of the 34 that have confirmed that they will attend. What I am hearing from the OAS authorities that this is perhaps the best-attended congress. If that turns out to be so, then Guyana deserves the kudos,” he said.
    OAS Conference Specialist Luiz Coimbra acknowledged the efforts of the Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin in organising the conference. “The country has been working in a way that makes it ready to receive heads of delegations of all the countries of the Americas to discuss this multilateral issue,” he noted.
    Coimbra also underscored the importance of the collaboration which will arise from the congress of tourism stakeholders. He said, “Nobody can do tourism on its own. No country can solve the tourism question on its own. We all need to be connected, not only because the problems are common but also because each country can offer complimentary things and we are stronger if we have common standards for tourism.”
    The OAS representative added that the congress is the culmination of an extended period of work between the organisation and local representatives.
    OAS conference specialist Luiz Coimbra and Ambassador Jean-Ricot Dormeus, Representative of the OAS in Guyana.
    “This is a process which has been developed for a while. One of the main issues we will deal with is the creation of common standards. Standards that are comparable where tourists can come to any country in the Americas and be assured that he/she will be received with more or less comparable standards, comparable infrastructure, opportunities, hotels….” Coimbra further added.
    Meanwhile OAS Representative in Guyana Ambassador Jean-Ricot Dormeus congratulated the government for the commitment shown to the growth and development of the tourism sector.
    “I know you have a lot of sectors fueling the economy, the six sisters and now you have oil, but tourism has a lot of potential and I am glad that the government is taking that to another level. With all the Ministers of Tourism in Georgetown to discuss strategies and ways to connect to push the sector, I think Guyana will do well,” Dormeus said.
    The two-day congress will be held under the theme “Connecting the Americas through Sustainable Tourism.” It will be preceded by a tourism exhibition organised by the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana on March 20. President David Granger will also host the visiting dignitaries to a reception on March 21
    The conference is being managed by OAS conference specialist Brazilian Luiz Coimbra.

    By: Kidackie Amsterdam
  • Twenty-Fourth Inter-American Congress of Ministers and High-level Authorities of Tourism
    Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana, Wednesday March 21, 2018

    On March 21-22, 2018, Guyana will host its first Inter-American Conference, the XXIV Congress of Ministers and Highest Authorities of Tourism. 34 delegations from OAS Member States will participate in this major event.
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