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Belize and Guatemala agree to hold referenda on territorial dispute on October 6, 2013
The Role of the OAS in Mediating the Belize-Guatemala Territorial Dispute
EU Contributes 1.4 million euros to the Belize-Guatemala Subfund of the OAS Peace Fund

The OAS Peace Fund

Strengthening peace and security, preventing conflicts, and resolving disputes are among the essential purposes of the OAS, as established in its founding Charter.

The Fund for Peace is an essential tool available to the OAS Member States for these purposes. Through the Peace Fund, the countries avail themselves of a range of conflict resolution mechanisms contemplated under the OAS Charter, including direct negotiation, good offices, mediation, investigation and conciliation, confidence-building measures, judicial settlement, and arbitration.

The Peace Fund is also used to strengthen the General Secretariat’s knowledge and expertise in dispute settlement, as well as to support the development of programs aimed at promoting a culture of peace through the Inter-American Peace Forum.
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Belize and Guatemala

The OAS provides technical and political assistance with regard to the differendum between Belize and Guatemala by facilitating the negotiations taking place under the “Agreement on a Framework for Negotiations and Confidence-Building Measures” signed by the Governments of Belize and Guatemala in September 2005.

Belize and Guatemala Agree on Roadmap to Strengthen Confidence Building Measures
Likewise, the OAS General Secretariat’s Office in the Adjacency Zone between Belize and Guatemala conducts verifications and activities in support of a number of government institutions, including the armed forces of both countries. Several projects are also under way to foster development and integration of the communities in the Adjacency Zone, along with community resettlement projects.
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Inter-American Peace Forum

The Peace Fund gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution from the Kingdom of Spain to support this program.

The Inter-American Peace Forum, which operates directly within the framework of the Fund for Peace, consists of different programs aimed at promoting a culture of regional peace among the different segments of the inter-American society. Under its umbrella we conduct conferences and seminars on the subject of peace and conflict management; prepare specialized publications, reports, statistics, databases and surveys; carry out institutional training workshops; promote leadership initiatives, and hold cultural and educational events in order to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences, and best practices.
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Virtual Library of Inter-American Peace Iniciatives
The Peace Fund Website spans three centuries of peace-related initiatives in the Americas and includes historic documents and photographs from the very beginnings of the inter-American system. This is a unique resource to learn about the prominent role that the Organization of American States and its predecessor institutions have played in promoting regional integration and hemispheric peace.

“So that we form a confederation and meet in the Isthmus of Panama or another agreed upon location, as an assembly of plenipotentiaries from each state, who should act as a council during periods of great conflicts, to be appealed to in the event of common danger, and to be a faithful interpreter of public treaties when difficulties arise; in brief, to conciliate all our differences.” Simón Bolivar, 1826
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The Peace Fund is very grateful for the continued support of the Columbus Memorial Library to this initiative.

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