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Juana Herrera Araúz

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Juana Herrera Araúz
President of the CIM 2022-2025
 Minister of Social Development of Panama

Dr. Juana Herrera Araúz is Panama's first Minister of Women's Affairs. She has extensive professional training in medicine, including a Doctorate in Clinical Sciences with a specialization in Addictions, a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on Educational Administration and a Postgraduate Degree in Psychopedagogy.

Dr. Herrera Araúz was Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (2004-2008) (2019-2022) and Head of the Mental Health section of the Ministry of Health (2007-2008) (2020-2022) and is founding director and advisor of Gender and Women of the Federation of Women Journalists and Public Relations (FEMUPERP).

She was president and active member of the National Forum of Women in Political Parties (FONAMUPP); President of the Association Against Cancer (1994-1997) and Representative in the National Commission for the Prevention of Drug-Related Crimes (1994-1999) (2007-2008) (2022).

She was also President pro tempore of the Mental Health Technical Group GTSM SE-COMISCA (2022), member of the Evaluation Board of the National Secretariat of Disability and Panelist in International Congresses on Women, Education, Health, participation and gender.