Department of Electoral Cooperation and Observation
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Electoral Calendar


Country Election Date Election Type
North America
MexicoMexico June 5 Municipalities, provincial, governorships
Estados UnidosUnited States November 8 Presidential and Legislative
Central America
Costa RicaCosta Rica February 7 Municipal
Nicaragua.jpgNicaragua November 6 Presidential, Legislative and Municipal
Rep. DominicanaDominican Republic May 15 Ordinary, General Presidential, for the Congress and Municipal
Santa LuciaSanta Lucia TBD Parliamentary
JamaicaJamaica TBD Parliamentary
South America
BoliviaBolivia February 21 Constitutional Referendum
UruguayPeru April 10 Presidential, Legislative, Andean Parliament

ChileChile October 30
Ecuador.jpgEcuador TBD Popular Referendum


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
MexicoMexico June 7 Legislative
CanadáCanada October 19 Federal
Central America
El SalvadorEl Salvador March 1 Legislative
GuatemalaGuatemala September 6 General
October 25 Presidential
BelizeBelize November 4 General
St. Kitts and NevisSt. Kitts and Nevis February 16 General
GuyanaGuyana May 11 General and Regional
SurinameSuriname May 25 Parliamentary
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago September 7 Parliamentary
St. VicenteSaint Vincent and
       the Grenadines
December 9 General
haitiHaiti August 9 First round of legislative
  October 25 First round of presidential and municipal and local elections
South America
BoliviaBolivia March 29 Local
UruguayUruguay May 10 Municipal
ArgentinaArgentina August 9 Primaries
VenezuelaVenezuela September Parliamentary
ArgentinaArgentina October 25 Presidential and Legislative
ColombiaColombia October 25 Municipal
ParaguayParaguay November 15 Municipal


Country Election Date Election Type
North America
United StatesUnited States November 4 Legislative
Central America
Costa RicaCosta Rica February 2 Presidential and Legislative
elsalvador.jpgEl Salvador February 2 Presidential
panama.jpgPanama May 4 Presidential and Legislative
antiguaybarbudaAntigua and Barbuda June 12 Parliamentary
DominicaDominica December 14 Parliamentary
South America
boliviaBolivia October 12 Presidential and Legislative
brasilBrazil October 5 Presidential and Legislative
March 9
June 15
October 5
Regional and Municipal
UruguayUruguay November 30
Second Round - Presidential
October 26
Presidential and Legislative
UruguayUruguay June 1


Country Election Date Type of Election
Central America
HondurasHonduras November 24 Presidential and Legislative
BarbadosBarbados February 21 Parliamentary
PD Presidential
February 19 Parliamentary
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago February 15 Presidential
South America
ArgentinaArgentina August 11
October 27
ChileChile November 17 Presidential and Legislative
ecuadorEcuador February 17 Presidential and Legislative
paraguayParaguay April 21 Presidential and Legislative
venezuelaVenezuela July 14 Local


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
Mexico  July 1 Presidential and Legislative
United States November 6 Presidential and Legislative
Central America
El Salvador March 11 Legislative and Municipal
Dominican Republic May 20 Presidential
Honduras November 18 Primary
Nicaragua November 4 Municipal
Belize March 7 Parliamentary
Bahamas May 7 Parliamentary
South America
Venezuela October 7 Presidential
Chile October 28 Local
Venezuela December 16 Regional


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
Canada October 14, 2008 Parliamentary
United States  November 4, 2008 Presidential 
Central America
Nicaragua November 2, 2008 Municipal
Honduras* November 16 2008 Primary
Barbados January 15, 2008 Parliamentary
Belize February 7, 2008 Parliamentary - Referendum
Trinidad & Tobago February 11, 2008 Presidential
Dominican Republic May 16, 2008 Presidential
Grenada July 9, 2008 Parliamentary
South America
Paraguay April 20, 2008 Presidential & Legislative
Bolivia August 10, 2008 Referendum
Chile October 26,2008 Municipal
Ecuador  September 28 2008 Constitutional Referendum
Venezuela November 23, 2008 Local


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
Mexico July 5, 2009 Legislative
Central America
El Salvador January 18, 2009 Legislative and Municipal
El Salvador March 15, 2009 Presidential
Panamá May 3, 2009 Presidential & Legislative
Honduras* November 29, 2009 Presidential & Legislative
Antigua & Barbuda March 12, 2009 Parliamentary
Haiti April 19, 2009 Senate
  June 21, 2009 Second Round
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines November 25, 2009 Referendum
South America
Bolivia January 25, 2009  Constitutional Referendum
Venezuela February 15, 2009 Constitutional Referendum
Ecuador April 26, 2009 Presidential & Legislative
  June 14, 2009 Regional Parliament
Argentina June 28, 2009 Legislative
Uruguay October 25, 2009 Presidential & Legislative
  November 29, 2009 Second Round
Bolivia December 6, 2009 General Elections and Referendum
Chile December 13, 2009 Presidential & Legislative


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
United States  November 2 Legislative
Central America
Costa Rica February 7 Presidential and Legislative
  December 5 Municipal
Nicaragua March 7 Municipal
Panama (Comarca Indígena Ngöbe Buglé) October 24 Congress Delegates
Dominican Republic May 16 Legislative and Municipal
Haiti November 28 Presidential and Legislative
Saint Kitts y Nevis January 25 Parliamentary
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines December 13 Parliamentary
Suriname May 25 Legislative
South America
Bolivia April 4 Regional
Brasil October 3 Presidential and Legislative
  October 31 Presidential (Second Round)
Chile January 17 Presidential (Second Round)
Colombia March 14 Legislative
  May 30 Presidential
  June 20 Presidential (Second Round)
Paraguay November 7 Municipal
Peru October 3 Municipal
Uruguay May 9 Municipal
Venezuela September 26 Legislative


Country Election Date Type of Election
North America
Canada May 2 Parliamentary
Central America
Guatemala September 11 Presidential y Legislative
November 6 Presidential Runoff
Nicaragua November 6 Presidential y Legislative
Jamaica December 29 Parliamentary
Haiti March 20 Second Round Presidential
Nevis July 11 Local
Guyana November 28 Parliamentary
Santa Lucía November 28 Parliamentary
Trinidad and Tobago May 24 Parliamentary
South America
Argentina August 14 Primary
  October 23 Presidential and Legislative
Bolivia October 16 Judicial Elections
Colombia October 30 Regional
Ecuador May 7 Referendum
Panama September 11 Regional and Local
Paraguay October 9 Constitutional Referendum
Peru April 10
Presidential and Legislative
June 5 Second Round Presidential

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OAS Electoral Observation Mission to Peru Recommends Deep Electoral Reform
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The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Paraguay presented report
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