Resolution No. 47/23
PM 404-23 - Members of Honduran Alternative for Community and Environmental Vindication (ARCAH), Honduras

On August 20, 2023, the IACHR granted precautionary measures in favor of 11 members of Honduran Alternative for Community and Environmental Vindication (ARCAH), after considering that they are in a serious and urgent situation that places them at risk of irreparable harm to their rights in Honduras. The request for precautionary measures alleged that ARCAH members carry out activities in the defense of environmental rights, making complaints about industrial and extractive projects and are allegedly being subject to surveillance, monitoring, intimidation, threats, and other events that place them at risk in the exercise of their work. It is also pointed out that, despite having protection measures in place, these are not being properly implemented, which has allowed for the ongoing and permanent risk to the detriment of the members of ARCAH. Such situations have purportedly remained over time and are said to have increased during 2023. Pursuant to Article 25 of the Rules of Procedure, the Commission requests that Honduras:

  1. adopt the necessary measures to protect the rights to life and personal integrity of the eleven members of ARCAH;
  2. adopt the necessary measures so that the beneficiaries can continue to carry out their activities as environmental rights defenders, without being subjected to threats, harassment and other acts of violence in the exercise of their work;
  3. consult and agree upon the measures to be adopted with the beneficiaries and their representatives; and
  4. report on the actions taken to investigate the alleged facts that led to the adoption of this precautionary measure, so as to prevent them from reoccurring.

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