IASHR Strengthening: Calendar


The IACHR publishes the methodology that will be implemented in the 2012 process of reform of its Rules of Procedure and of its institutional policies and practices.

Read the methodology document (PDF format)


  • August 25: The IACHR published the Consultation Documents on matters governed by the Rules of Procedure, in particular of the following areas: individual petitions and cases, including friendly settlement; precautionary measures; monitoring of the situation in member states (Chapter IV); and promotion. The period for broad consultation with all users of the system starts.
  • October 5: The period for comments ends. The IACHR will take into consideration all input received and will determine the steps to be followed. (This deadline, originally September 25, was modified by the Commission during a working meeting that took place in Mexico City on September 22, 2012).
  • August and September: During these two months, the IACHR conducted in sub-regional seminars and academic events organized in coordination with all actors in the System, for deeper examination of the technical aspects of the reform agenda and its major themes. The seminars took place in Middle-America, the Andean Region, the Southern Cone, the Caribbean and North America, to serve as fora for ample discussions, open to all users of the System and all interested in its strengthening.  The Commission also participated in seminars organized by third parties, on strengthening.
  • October 23: On this date, the IACHR presented to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) a response to the recommendations contained in the Report of the Special Working Group that refer to the changes to the Rules of Procedure, as well as institutional policies and and practices. This involves, among other, the following topics: Permanent presidency; Allocation of resources to different work areas; Content, data, and statistics to be included in the Annual Report, and how it should be organized; Dissemination of criteria and jurisprudence (including preparation of manuals); Criteria for raising specific funds, and Institutional structure.
  • October 30: The IACHR will convene two hearings on strengthening measures, on October 30, 2012, to give key actors an opportunity for dialogue in addition to the ample opportunities provided within the consultation process.