List of Documents

We are accepting applications for the Fall Semester!

Dear prospective applicant:

The following is a list of documents and forms you must submit in order to apply for an interest-free student loan at the Leo S. Rowe Fund.  Please carefully read the “General Conditions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” before you fill out the application form.  It is your responsibility to gather all listed documents and submit them through the Loan Application Form platform. 

  • Completed Loan Application Form

  • Completed form from Foreign Student Advisor, temporarily, the Advisor may send the form directly to the [email protected] with digital signature.

  • A copy of your I-20 or DS-2019 form. 

  • An official enrollment verification from the University certifying your full time status for the period for which the loan is requested and expected completion date. 

  • Most recent official  transcripts. 

  • A copy of the pages of your passport that identify your:

    • Picture, personal data, and country of citizenship.

    • The visa granted by the United States government.

  • I-94 form. visit the official website, once you have submitted the required information, the website will generate your I-94 form with the latest entry date into the United States.

  • Provide evidence of other sources of financing to cover the greater part of the academic expenses such as documents that demonstrate funding from scholarships, fellowships, employment, subsidies, grants, or any other form of financial  support.

  • An official email or letter of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor. 

    Rowe Fund loans must be underwritten by a guarantor who signs an agreement pledging to repay the unpaid balance of the debt should the loan recipient default.  Acceptable guarantors may be: a) preferably, either a  citizen or permanent resident of the United States (other than spouse), or b) an institution, person, entity, or mechanism specifically accepted by the Rowe Fund Committee.  

    The following documents are required for a citizen or permanent resident of the United States: 

  • Original copy of the Guarantor’s Agreement Form, duly notarized. The electronic receipt of the Guarantor's Agreement is contingent upon receiving the original, duly notarized, via mail at a later time.

  • A letter from the employer of the guarantor stating his/her annual income and the initial date of his/her employment.

  • The most recent copy of the guarantor's bank statement or letter from the bank indicating the length of time the guarantor has been their customer.

  • A guarantor must provide documentation to prove their U.S. citizenship or residency status.  The acceptable documents for this purpose are as follows:
    • Birth certificate.

    • U.S. passport.  

    • Green card. If the guarantor is a permanent U.S. resident card, they must submit a copy of their green card.   

    Only complete applications will be evaluated.  All documents must be sent at once through the online platform.  The Guarantor's agreement, duly signed and notarized, along with accompanying supporting documents, may be sent via email with the understanding that the original guarantor's agreement will be received via mail if the interest-free loan is approved and prior to disbursement.

    Loan applications are processed through the Secretariat of the Rowe Fund.  Loan applications that comply with the eligibility requirements will be reviewed and evaluated by the Committee; however, this is not to be defined as automatic approval.  The decision of the Committee, which is final, is informed to the applicant by the Secretariat of the Fund.  If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Leo S. Rowe Fund Secretariat at: [email protected]