Administration of the Fund

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States is responsible for the administration of the Fund through a Committee composed of four members of the Permanent Council and the Secretary General of the OAS.

Once a month, after having studied the prospective applicant's scholastic records and assessing their financial needs, the Rowe Fund Committee selects loan beneficiaries.  Generally, the application process lasts approximately three to five weeks from the date in which the complete application form, including all required official and supplementary documents, is received by the Rowe Fund Secretariat. Loan applications are processed through the Secretariat of the Rowe Fund.  Once all documents have been received and evaluated, the Secretariat submits the application to the Committee.  The decision of the Committee, which is final, is delivered to the applicant by the Secretariat of the Fund by e-mail.

The Committee presents an annual report of its work to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, including a statement of accounts reviewed by a reputable firm of independent auditors.