Beneficiaries of the Rowe Fund

For over seventy years, the Rowe Fund has helped finance the cost of higher education of Latin-American and Caribbean citizens in US universities through interest-free student loans.  Many of the beneficiaries of these loans, upon returning to their country of origin, have contributed to the social and economic development of the region by occupying key positions in their countries' public sector, private sector, academia, and arts.  

Through the cultural and academic exchange component of studying abroad, these beneficiaries have had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain an international experience that, in many cases, has later been applied in their home countries.

The professional and personal benefits that our ex-beneficiaries have obtained are reflected in the results of a survey conducted  by the Rowe Fund.  This survey shows how this financial aid has helped a number of our beneficiaries become leaders in the Americas in a broad spectrum of fields. Thus, the Rowe Fund interest-free loan program of the OAS has supported the cultural enrichment that training abroad provides to students and the potential benefits that this training may bring to their home countries. 

In their testimonials, Rowe Fund beneficiaries told us what they are doing to assist in their country's development and how their studies in the US have influenced them as individuals and as professionals.    They have also sent notes of appreciation for the supplementary aid the Rowe Fund has provided them.